Camry Family

I had to say good bye to the Camry today. I used to joke about how I’d give that car a proper burial some day. Weird thing to say I know, because we’re not supposed to love the things that can’t love us back, but the things that we care about, even if they aren’t people, we fall in love with because they give us something back.

I loved that car.

It was a good car.


The Fear of the State

Author’s note: This is not an attempt to debunk a Harvard professor’s 800 page book with a 900 word article from an underground WordPress Blog. The decline in violence is obvious, and it is over centuries, but the causes of violence are still with us.

1CBDB358-F736-4AC7-A8BE-4F9E8B6DFEF1Most research shows that we live in a far more peaceful time than previous periods in human history. It’s a complicated topic with a lot of incomplete data for a massively huge period of examination, but the current conventional wisdom follows from Dr. Pinker’s study of the long decline in violence, “The Better Angels of Our Nature.” I agree with Pinker’s specific argument that violence has declined generally, and Pinker does save for a break from the typical 10 o’clock news run about how you might get stabbed to death by some Sureños while walking to your car at night.

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Keith Preston interviews R.J. Jacob

“This is the best of any of the interviews I have done thus far. This discussion really gets into the heart and soul of some of our ideas.”

Keith Preston

Keith Preston interviews R.J. Jacob.

Topics include:


  • R.J.’s early experiences as a left-anarchist activist and his disappointment with the Left;
  • The importance of the thought of Max Stirner and the need to develop an anarchism without slave morality;
  • The efforts of American Revolutionary Vanguard and AttacktheSystem.Com to develop an alternative to archaic proletarian anarchism and PC-riddled left-anarchism;
  • How different forms of anarchism represent the levels of economic and social development of the countries from which they originate;
  • How the sectarian leftism of the mainstream anarchist movement unnecessarily inhibits the growth of anarchism and the contributions of anarcho-capitalism and national-anarchism to anarchist thought;
  • Why anarchists need to adjust their perspective given the stagnation of the Left and the increasing dynamism of the Right;
  • The need to preserve the nation while opposing the state.

R.J. Jacob is an anarchist from the Las Vegas area. R.J. runs RyanAnarchy and is web master of

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