Crazy crosswalk in front of Tocco’s boxing gym on Charleston & Main.

Photo by R.J. Jacob

“Men on Meth Carrying Guns”

It’s been a very difficult day.

My brother was just sentenced to 9 years in prison. If he stays on good behavior and participates in lots of programs and keeps his nose clean he will be up for parole in 3 years. He must serve a minimum of 3 years minus the 78 days already served in jail. If he rocks the boat, he will serve the maximum of 9 years.

The guy before him who had the same lawyer and who was also facing time for a shooting is a gang banger who they actually have on video firing an entire clip into a bar during a gang shooting. He went to rehab, got off drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, and started attending school getting all A grades. His sentencing got stretched out for 18 months which is what the attorney tried to convince my brother to do. The judge gave this guy no prison time and probation with the stipulation that he stay clean from all drugs and alcohol, and keep clear of other gang members.

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It’s Just a Car

I had to say good bye to the hoopty today. It got towed while I was in treatment. Losing your car is a humbling experience but by now I think I’m pretty good at losing things so I’m taking it pretty well.

I used to joke about how I wanted to give that car a proper burial some day. Weird thing to say I know, because we’re not supposed to love the things that can’t love us back, but the things that we care about, even if they aren’t people, we fall in love with because they give us something back.

I’m going to miss that car.

Safe Place

Rooftop over the river walk in downtown Reno / photo by R.J. Jacob

I’ve always been good at finding quiet places in noisy areas where we could go to get some peace and quiet. With this spot I think it was the way the twin crosses sat above the two chairs from a distance when walking out to the rooftop that made it such a powerful place for me. A good friend told me, “if you can see a cross from where you’re at — it’s a safe place.”